Ironstitch Repairs

IRONSTITCH is a patented method of mechanically repairing cracks usually found in all types of cast metals. This is performed by drilling out a precise hole pattern using special drill jigs that make a pattern that will accept our patented Locks. These Lock patterns are drilled perpendicular to the crack so the Locks will go across the crack pulling the crack back together about .008 to .015. After the Locks have been installed, the next step is to install the first series of our Patented threaded Stitching Pins. This is accomplished by using a spacing drill jig that will space the pins exactly so that when installed the pins will overlap each other creating a sealed repair. After the holes are drilled, they are then tapped using our special taps which will create an interference fit when the Pins are installed. After the first series of pins are installed, the second series are installed using the same method as above. The tapered shoulders of the pins are then ground flush and the repair is peened and ground to conform to the original casting. The following are examples showing the many uses of metal stitching.